Has Hemera Estate won any awards for its wines?

Yes, we have many awards for our wines, details can be found on our tasting notes in the Shop section.

What does Hemera mean?

Hemera is the Greek goddess of daylight.  This name was chosen because of the uniqueness of our vineyard which is the first in the region to get the cool, early morning light.

Are all your wines estate grown?

Most of our wines are from fruit grown in our very own backyard.  We do work with some key family growers in the Barossa to provide additional fruit when needed.

What is your favourite Hemera Estate wine?

That’s the beauty of wine, if you ask any of the team members what they are drinking at the moment you’ll probably get a different answer from each of them and a different answer at different times of the year, we love the complexity and interest on offer.

Do you offer food and wine matching?

We’re happy to suggest our favourite meal to have with a certain wine, the guys in Cellar Door always have a great suggestion, why not visit or give us a call?

When is the busiest time of the year in the winery?

Definitely at harvest time which is Feb-April each year.  This is when the grapes are picked and 70% of the winemaking is done.  It also is a nice busy time of year in Cellar Door as well so there is always a buzz around the place.

Trading Hours?

7 days a week, 10am to 5pm, excluding Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Do you have accommodation?

No, only for the site wildlife.

Wheelchair access/facilities?

Yes, we do cater for disabilities.

Do you have a restaurant?

No, but we can certainly recommend plenty of eating options in the Barossa, just ask one of our friendly staff.